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Garden maintenance

When searching for gardener's near me, you will find that a lot of lawn mowing companies just mow lawns. However, we offer all in one lawn and garden maintenance programs.

Our services give you back your time so that you can enjoy your weekends in the garden, rather than working in it. Let us take care of the gardening, weeding, pruning, mulching & more.

Call Precision Gardening Solutions on
0482 090 033 or Book Online for a free, no obligation quote.

Gardening services near me

Our professionalism has served families and businesses in Oak Park, Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Strathmore, Essendon, Aberfeldie and Moonee Ponds.


Don’t have the time, tools or expertise to do it yourself? Give Precision Gardening Solutions a call on 0482 090 033 or complete the Contact Form to request a free quote for lawn mowing and gardening services. 

How Regularly Do Gardener's Near Me Maintain The Garden?


Pending on the clients needs, our garden maintenance frequency varies from weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Our Gardening Services Include:

  • Hedge trimming

  • Pruning (including fruit trees and roses)

  • Weed control and fertilisation

  • Soft landscaping and more

About Our Gardening maintenance services

Hedge trimming

We have a keen eye for detail and when it comes to quality hedge trimming and tree pruning services you don't need to look any further than our team!

We shape hedges both small and tall and perform hedge reductions for those that have got overgrown. We cater for home owners, tenants, body corporates, commercial or real estate agents to add value to a property.

Call Precision Gardening Solutions on 0482 090 033 or Book Online for a free, no obligation quote.

Tree Pruning

We perform all aspects of tree work including:

Weed and Fertilisation

Do you want a healthy, weed free lawn and garden? Our expert staff can assist with identifying weeds and apply the appropriate management strategies pending on your lawn variety. We offer yearly lawn care programs to help you achieve a lush green lawn while you can save your weekends to focus on more important matters.

Not only do we prune and hedge your trees but we also offer fertilisation programs to promote new growth and keep your plants healthy throughout the year. 

Soft Landscaping

We can help freshen up your garden by new plant selection to add colour, adding new soil or fresh mulch to help with weed prevention.

New plants for front garden
Black mulch to freshen up garden bed and prevent weeds
New ficus plants planted in garden bed to create a hedge

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain a healthy garden?

Plants need a healthy soil. This can be achieved through regular applications of manure, compost, seaweed and soil amendments. Ensure your plants are situated in the right sunlight position as weaker plants are susceptible to diseases and pests. Most, but not all plants prefer a neutral soil Ph between 6.0 and 7.5. Keep on top of the weeds to prevent them taking away nutrients from your key plants and also apply mulch to help maintain soil temperature for water retention. To keep on top of pests by encouraging natural predators through flowering and native plants.

How to take care of a vegetable garden?

Make sure your soil is healthy with organic matter such as compost and manure. Feed your plants with a organic liquid fertilisers such as Seasol and PowerFeed. Most plants prefer full sunlight so ensure your garden bed is located in full sun for 8 hours a day. Add drip irrigation to your garden beds with a set timer so you can ensure your plants remain hydrated throughout the day without you having to be home. Lastly, add flower plants that attract predators to help keep control of common pests and insects. 

How do you improve your garden soil?

Your garden soil needs to have a Ph level between 6.0 and 7.5. If your soil is too acidic or too alkaline then your plants will not survive despite how much water or fertiliser you use. Test your soil using a soil testing kit or buying a cheap electronic Ph tester from Bunnings.


If your soil Ph is too low it means your soil is too acidic, you will need to improve it by adding lime, dolomite or poultry manure. 

If your soil Ph is too high it means your soil is too alkaline, you will need to improve it by adding compost, manure and powered sulphur.

How to take care of outdoor plants?

Watering properly is one of the most important things you can do to keep your plants healthy. New plants need plenty of water to allow them to establish their root systems. During the warmer months, you should water 2-3 times per week with a deep soak. On the other hand overwatering can lead to fungus and leaf spot. Your garden soil needs to have a Ph level between 6.0 and 7.5 and add amendments where necessary. Make sure your secateurs are clean and sharp otherwise your pruning can lead to disease. Perform plant maintenance by deadheading old flowers, pruning dead, damaged or diseases branches. Keep your plants pest free by having flowers that promote predators and/or using appropriate organic pesticides. 

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