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Premium Gardening Services Oak Park

What gardening services do you require?

Pruned ficus and buxus hedge

Big and small hedges, topiary, hedge reduction and more

Hedge Trimming

Tree pruning and hedging for a front garden

Shaping, crown thinning, canopy raising, fruit trees, rose pruning and more

Tree Pruning


Pre and post weed management, lawn care plans and plant fertilisation

Weed and Fertilise

Black mulch installed to freshen up garden bed

Mulch delivery and installation, planting, small lawn installation and more.

Soft Landscaping

Why our customers use us in Oak Park?

  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.​

  2. We will arrive on time and you receive a courtesy text when we are on our way to your property.

  3. Uniformed and well presented on every job.

  4. References are always available upon request.

  5. We are a registered business with public liability insurance of $20,000,000

Check out what Niki Forbes from Oak Park had to say about us on Facebook

"I have no problem recommending Nathan's service. He does an AWESOME job at a very reasonable price. He is reliable, hard working, honest & extremely personable. Nathan doesn't just cut lawns - he has cut tree's & trimmed hedges for me. 10/10 Nathan - I know your business will be a success"

Rating: 5/5 


And check out our Google reviews.

How much do gardening services cost in Oak Park

Every garden in Oak Park is unique and every service is different so it is impossible to give an accurate quote over the internet.


Precision Gardening Solutions provides a detailed written quote with all of the work that will be completed to ensure there is no confusion.

Please note that if you are looking for the cheapest gardening service in Oak Park, then we are likely not the business for you. If you are looking for professional, high quality service that uses professional equipment then we are the business you are looking for.

Our Gardening services in Oak Park

Hedge trimming services in Oak Park

Professional hedging services in Oak Park.

We have a high attention to detail to ensure your hedges are beautifully manicured. We use the best professional equipment available that is regularly sharpened and cleaned to prevent disease transmission.

If you have health issues with your hedges, we can help with identifying the cause from either pests or fungicides and provide fertiliser and organic remedies to get your plant back to full health. 

A maintained ficus and buxus hedge

Tree Pruning services in Oak Park

We perform all aspects of tree work including:

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Crown Thinning

  • Shaping & Pruning

  • Fruit trees

  • Rose pruning

  • Tree Removal

All green waste is taken away from the property so you have nothing to worry about.


We do not provide any tree lopping services so you will need to seek out an arborist company to help you with these needs.

A maintained front garden bed that has been pruned and hedged

Weed and Fertilisation services in Oak Park

Are you constantly battling with weed infestation in your lawn? Do you spend a weekend doing all of the weeding for it to only take a week for them to come back? Well we have the tools and the strategies to take all the stress away. Too often we see home owners attempt to remove weeds from their lawn using products from Bunnings but instead kill their lawn in the process. Let us help you. 

To have a sustained healthy green lawn and garden requires ongoing maintenance and scheduled weed management and fertilisation applications. We offer individual yearly lawn care programs where all the work is done for you and you can sit back and enjoy your lawn on the weekends.

A healthy lush green lawn with no weeds

Soft Landscaping services in Oak Park

We can help improve freshen up your garden by adding new soil, new plant selection or adding fresh mulch to help with weed prevention.

We can advise you on which type of mulch is best suited for your garden in Oak Park. At Precision Gardening Solutions, our mulching service includes the delivery of mulch to your property and the installation. 

If plant selection is a challenge, we can recommend the appropriate plants to suit your soil conditions, sun exposure and watering capabilities.

New plants planted in front garden bed
Black mulch installed in garden bed
New ficus plants planted
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