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Premium Hedge Trimming Services in Niddrie

We have an keen eye for detail and when it comes to quality hedge trimming and tree pruning services you don't need to look any further than our team!

Below are photos of hedges that have been maintained by Precision Gardening Solutions.

A maintained ficus and buxus hedge
maintained lilly pilly hedge
maintained hedges in front garden
pittosporum hedger
privet hedge

Hedge Trimming services in Niddrie includes:

  • Hedges shaped and manicured to your needs.

  • Green waste taken away.

  • Fertilisation and pest control if required.

  • Experienced operators using the best equipment available.

  • Organised and helpful admin support.

Frequently asked questions

How regularly do you maintain the hedges?

There are many factors that influence how often we prune the hedges such as the species of the plant, the soil conditions and the current weather conditions. As a guide, we often maintain the hedges four times a year which is once every three months.

When should you trim your hedge?

When your hedge has lost its shape or is overgrown is usually a good time to trim your hedges. Your hedges tend to grow rapidly during spring and summer and need frequent attention to help promote healthy growth. 

Why is hedge trimming important?

Aesthetically, nicely shaped hedges makes a garden look tidy. Regular hedge trimming encourages light and air to enter through the plant which helps the hedge thicken up and promote lateral growth so that it can act as a privacy screen. For safety reasons, broken branches may need attending to to avoid falling on someone and for health purposed, pruning dead or diseased branches can help revive a dying hedge.

How far back can you cut a hedge?

Pending on the species of the hedge, a general rule of thumb is to cut no more than a third of the total volume of the hedge at one time. 

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