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Premium Soft Landscaping Services in Keilor East

We can help improve freshen up your garden by adding new soil, new plant selection or adding fresh mulch to help with weed prevention.

New plants planted for a body corporate
Black mulch installed in garden bed
New ficus trees planted
new plants planted in front garden bed
new ficus plants planted

Weed and Fertilise services in Keilor East includes:

  • Mulch delivery and installation.

  • Recommendation for the best mulch that is appropriate for your plants.

  • Removal of old or dead plants.

  • Plants delivered and planted.

  • Basic edging installation.

  • Experienced gardeners who can select the best available plants at the nursery.

  • Organised and helpful admin support.

Some of our happy clients


"Nathan provides a FANTASTIC service for lawns and gardens. He is professional, reasonably priced, and very knowledgeable about everything to do with gardens. His attention to detail is amazing! And I've found him great for any plant advice. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the BEST gardening and lawn care service!"

Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to plant?

Mid spring and autumn are the best times to plant new plants as the soil temperatures are warmer and we still receive rain to increase the chances of the plant living. 

How deep a whole do I dig when planting a new tree?

It is recommended to dig a hole at the depth of the pot plant you are planting and to dig the width of two pot plants to encourage the roots to grow laterally. 

What are the benefits of mulching?

Mulch is a terrific product to reduce weeds and to help regulate soil temperatures during winter by keeping them warm and summer by keeping it cool especially after watering. Mulch also adds nutrients to help with plant growth. 

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