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Premium Weed and Fertilise Services in Strathmore

Do you want a healthy, weed free lawn? We offer yearly lawn care programs to help you achieve a lush, green and weed free lawn while you can save your weekends to focus on more important matters.

A maintained lawn with clean edges
Healthy, green and weed free lawn
removal of weeds
Lawn fertiliser
Manicured front garden

Weed and Fertilise services in Strathmore includes:

  • Individual lawn care programs.

  • Yearly lawn fertiliser program.

  • Yearly garden fertiliser program.

  • Yearly weed control program.

  • Pest control if required.

  • Experienced operators using commercial grade fertilisers and herbicides.

  • Organised and helpful admin support.

Some of our happy clients

Linda Mdawar

"Nathan did an amazing job with my dad’s garden. He was prompt and very friendly. He went above and beyond my expectations of a gardener. Would definitely be using his services every month."

Anastasia Isaeva

"Five stars"

Frequently asked questions

How to get a perfect lawn?

Follow these steps to have the best lawn in the street:

  1. Scalp

  2. Scarify

  3. Aerate

  4. Top dress

  5. Fertilise

  6. Pre emergent

  7. Water 

How to improve a lawn full of weeds?

The first step is to remove the existing weeds from your lawn. You can do this by hand or you can use a broadleaf herbicide that is appropriate for your lawn type. Once you have control of your weeds, the next step is to apply a pre emergent during autumn and spring which will prevent weeds seeds from germinating in your soil every 6months.

When should I apply fertiliser on my lawn?

Ideally you should fertilise your lawn at the beginning of each season using a slow release granular fertiliser which usually lasts for up to 3 months.  

What is the best fertiliser to use on my lawn?

A slow release granular fertiliser and liquid fertilisers are the best. For a low budget granular options, look at Scott's Builder or Munn's from Bunnings. Otherwise, more effective but slightly expensive options are available at Lawn Addicts and Plant Doctor sites.

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